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Commercial Voiceovers
Kitty-Jay Voice Actor

Professional Voice Overs and Audiobook Narration by an American Female Voice Artist!

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Ilan Manor, Creator, Digitizer


Rocket Boy Games

Future Vox Studios


We hired Kitty to perform the voice acting for some of the most important characters in our game. Her talent and professionalism were exceptional and it was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Kitty was an absolute angel. Not only did she do a wonderful job, she did not stop until it was perfect. This is a true professional, couldn't have asked for more.


Kitty has a unique voice with high emotional capabilities that brought life to my project. She is a very talented actress and captured the exact tone and emotion of my game character. The work was done very quickly, with no mistakes, in great quality.


The BR Lab

So great working with Kitty Jay!!! Highly recommended!!

Olivia Civichino, Audible Author

I am fortunate to work with Kitty Jay, a true professional. She is a talented narrator with great editing capabilities and has a desire to accomplish fantastic results, she does it with love.

Mary Novak, MER Films

Kitty was fantastic to work with, she had a challenging task that wasn't a straightforward VO. The final sounds are spectacular--and a bit funny, too, which is what we wanted, so it was a very layered performance. I highly recommend and I would love to work with her again!

Kumar Singh, Audiobook Producer

She is very professional in her work, her accents, the modification in the voices to bring out the best of the characters and the editing of the audios to make the perfect audiobooks. I was working with her on the ACX website and Kitty takes the deadlines for submission as well as any changes required very seriously. She makes your life easier with full audio editing and removal of any background noises.

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